Providing design & autocad services to Contract Office Furniture Dealers.


It starts here with putting the pieces of the puzzle together by listening, gathering information, space planning and creating a workspace that is specific to your clients needs. It’s a beautiful thing!



Putting it all together on Autocad means you get professional drawings including 2D plans & 3D line drawings or color renderings.


Now we bring it all together! Using Caps 20-20 or Project Matrix, you get full specifications with part lists, finishes & list pricing.


Really need to have that ‘Wow’ factor? Let’s do some color renderings then. You really can have it all!

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Lorie Taylor

Lorie Taylor

Principal / Designer

This is the part where we get to know each other.

I’ve been doing this commercial office furniture gig for a while now. 14 years to be exact. I’ve worked for many office furniture dealers but discovered a little secret about myself:

I should have my own business where I make my own decisions, work myself silly doing a good job for my clients and be the master of my own destiny. 

7 years ago, Corner Office Design, Inc. was born and the rest is history. Now I provide design services to Commercial Office Furniture Dealers, Business Owners, Commercial Interior Designers &  to Residential Designers.  This includes space planning, furniture specifications,  color 3D renderings, organization services and more to my clients and help create efficient well-planned and beautiful workspaces that make people happy & work more efficiently . Yes it’s true, you can have fun with office furniture!

If you’d like to contact me to see if we’re a good fit, drop me a line here:


When I’m not working myself silly for you, I’m hanging out in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my partner Fred, working on a house remodel, appreciating good design, volunteering for any animal causes I can find the time for, gardening, running, hiking and paddle-boarding in the nicer months.

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Here’s how we get to know each other to make sure we’re a good fit:

I have known and worked with Lorie Taylor for over 15 years in the commercial furniture and design industry. She has continually provided me with superior service and drawings. She is an expert at what she does and has been my “go to” designer as long as I have known her whether working for a dealer or running my own design studio Lorie Taylor has proven time and time again that she is the best at what she does whether its auto cad layout or her spectacular 3d renderings! It has been a privlage not only work with her but getting to know her as a person her integrity and professionalism are top notch. I highly recommend her for your next project.

Michael Newsom

Interior Designer, Urban Elements

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lorie over many years and can attest that not only does she have an amazing eye for design, she also has the technical ability to back it up. Lorie’s impeccable attention to detail is refreshing and so important when working on complicated projects. Lorie is not only a wonderful designer but also a smart business woman. You’ll be making a wise choice by partnering with Lorie and Corner Office Design.

Sylvia Baltzer

Commercial Interior Designer, Officeworks Design LLC

I have used Lorie for a number of projects and she has the talent, personality and vision that are hard to find in todays market. I would highly recommend Lorie to any client that I do business with.

John Dean

VP of Sales/Facility Manager, Absolute Office/AT HOME

Lori is detail-oriented, thorough, and has terrific follow-through. She’s a pleasure to work with.

Lisa Fields

Design / Project Manager, Herman Miller Dealers, Portland OR

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